[K POP] Tony An and Girl's Day Hyeri Have Broken up!

D-Bo, Nov. 8, 2013, 10:18 a.m.

The couple that has drawn an enormous amount of attention for their 16 year age difference has rumored to have broken up.  H.O.T. member Tony An and Girl's Day Hueri have broken up after an 8 month relationship.  After rumors of their break up surfaced, both entertainment companies released statements.

Tony An's agency released the follwing statement: ony and Hyeri have recently broken up... It's not that something bad happened. After a long conversation, they decided to go back to being just sunbae and hoobae... Even after their break up, they've remained comfortable with one another and aren't awkward around each other," 

Hyeri's representatives have also released a statement: "The two recently broke up. As they weren't able to meet frequently, they naturally drifted apart."

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