[K-POP] Trouble Maker tweet selcas before ‘Show Champion’

Jimmy Pak, Oct. 30, 2013, 2:29 p.m.

Just a few moments ago, the Trouble Maker duo tweeted a few selcas of them getting ready for their first backstage for ‘Now’ on ‘Show Champion’.  ‘Show Champion’ shared the selcas on their Twitter saying, "The K-pop scene's hot issue!! Trouble Maker has arrived to 'Show Champion'~ Their 'Now' stage that will be unveiled for the first time on 'Show Champion'!! You're looking forward to it right?? They're so~ to die for~ Catch the live broadcast of today at 6 PM KST!!"

"It shook so much that the HyunA&Hyunseung selca was about to be kept private... But it is a waste to look at alone, so we are revealing it^^ Heuk heukㅜ Please anticipate Trouble Maker's special stage, which will be unveiled for the first time today~ Catch the live broadcast at 6 PM KST!"

Check back for more Trouble Maker updates and news!

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