YG Entertainment Speaks to Fans Regarding Psy's Comeback

Maximiliano VCHK, Dec. 13, 2013, 10:56 a.m.

Prepare yourselves for yet another Psy phenomenon as the singer has reached completion of his next anxiously awaited single!

A YG Entertainment representative spoke to media outlet OSEN today on the 13th of December, and stated that Psy has completed his new single only days ago and is already discussing the direction of his accompanying music video.  It is rumored that Psy has a much bigger vision in mind, and will not be releasing just this one single but multiple songs one after another.

Psy fanatics are anxiously waiting to see if these upcoming songs will feature big names like Justin Bieber, G-Dragon, or even Snoop Dogg as was hinted on his official Twitter.

Psy will be celebrating the upcoming holidays with his fans at a concert held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Bangidong, Seoul.  The concert performance will be playing on December 21st to the 25th, so be sure to get ready for Psy's upcoming releases sometime next month!

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