[K-POP] YG Family supports T.O.P at VIP premiere for ‘The Commitment’

Jimmy Pak, Oct. 30, 2013, 2:25 p.m.

The YG Family came out to support T.O.P at the VIP premiere of ‘The Commitment’ which took place at the Megabox in Seoul on October 29th.  Some of the YG Family attendees were Big Bang, Lee Hi, Tablo and Akdong Musicians. 

Big Bang’s T.O.P, as well as his older brother Dong Hyun Bae, appeared in the movie.  T.O.P said, "In regards to Dong Hyun Bae, he is, as you said, Taeyang's older brother and I knew that.  To my knowledge, he has been in productions for a long time . . . We coincidentally got to work together.   He was cast in 'The Commitment' before I was . . . Whenever we filmed, I enjoyed it because he was like a brother to me."  T.O.P also said, "It would have been better if I had not gotten hurt, but I think the movie came out well so I am relieved."

2NE1 could not attend the event as they had to record for the 1000th episode special of KBS Open Concert.  However Sandara Park tweeted, "I really wanted to go to TOP's 'The Commitment' premiere, but am sad I could not go T_T  I will make sure to go to the theater~!!! I'm going to watch it ^.^ Fighting top!!! Fighting 'the commitment'!!!"

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