K-stars rocking the new “choppy bang” style

Cindy Lee, May 2, 2016, 9:44 a.m.

Withthe hottest K-stars rocking the new “choppy bang” style, the unique vintage look has caught on among Korea’s fashionistas. As the name suggests, choppy bangs are intended to look “choppy” by cutting them off at quite a short length and texturizing the hair. The following celebrities have already joined in to lead the choppy bang trend.

No.1 Gain

Gain of Brown Eyed Girls bravely showed off her new hairstyle via her official Instagram account. Contrasting to her usual girl-crush look, she went for a cute, pixie-like look with thin, short choppy bangs. The trendy bangs also seemed to go perfectly with her classic bob hair.

No.2 Zico

It is a complete mistake to think choppy bangs are only for females. Zico of Block B also flaunted his 70s-inspired hairstyle, with extremely thick bangs hanging over his face. The look went perfectly with the 23-year-old rapper’s hip fashion style.

No.3 Sulli

Sulli might have gone a little drastic with the choppy bangs idea, but she managed to successfully pull them off. At first, Sulli seemed quite panicked with her new hair, posting “Actually I cut my bangs on my own yesterday. Don’t get mad because I can hide it easily.” But she soon learned to love her new style, showing various photos of her choppy bangs styled in many different ways.

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