Kang Daniel Hiatus Announced by Konnect Entertainment

Jay Yim, Dec. 4, 2019, 11 a.m.

Konnect Entertainment made an announcement on December 4 that Kang Daniel would be taking a brief hiatus from promotions due to his health.

In regards to his absence, the company stated the following:

"Beginning early this year, Kang Daniel suffered from health problems often due to worsening conditions in his immune system, and visited a hospital to seek help for symptoms of anxiety; the doctor then diagnosed him with depression as well as mental instability. After the diagnosis, Kang Daniel has put in periodic efforts for his recovery through treatments and medication.

Despite such health issues, Kang Daniel tried his best to keep himself grounded in the midst of various environmental changes; however, his symptoms of anxiety recently worsened, as we have come to the decision that what he needs most now is rest and recuperation, as his health and safety are the most important. As a result, we have cancelled his scheduled recording for MBC Music's 'Show Champion' which was set to take place later today, and he will be unable to carry out any further schedules related his digital single 'Touchin''.

Konnect has asked the public to not speculate and be suspicious of anything, nor make false claims regarding the singers future promotions. The company promised that they would do everything they can to help Kang Daniel make a speedy recovery.

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