Kang Dong Won Shares Experiences of Working with TaeTiSeo on "My Brilliant Life"

Sensitive Artist, Sept. 9, 2014, 9:56 a.m.

Actor Kang Dong Won discussed what it was like to work alongside TaeTiSeo. In the movie "My Brilliant Life", Kang Dong Won plays the role of a young father who is obsessed with girl K-Pop groups.

The movie starts off innocently enough, with the actor watching TV and is glued to the screen as Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun make a cameo appearance in his movie in order to solidify his fanatic interest in girl groups.

The actor was asked how it was working alongside the girls and he replied, "I've almost never seen idols after I debuted, so it was kind of amazing. Girls' Generation being on set was weird. We took a commemorative photo afterwards, but we didn't really talk to each other. It was unfamiliar to have idols on set. I didn't even know where to sit. It was an amazing experience."

Upon being asked if he liked any idols, he stated, "I don't really listen to dance songs. I've been a rock music mania since I was young. I like Coldplay and Radiohead."

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