Kang Jung-Ho of the Pittsburgh Pirates make his grand return to the field with 2 homeruns

Samantha West, Feb. 26, 2019, 9:51 a.m.

Kang Jung-ho of the Pittsburgh Pirates got off to a good start with an impressive performance in a spring-training exhibition game on Sunday, upping expectations for the new season.

In the game against the Miami Marlins in Bradenton, Florida, Kang hit two home runs before being substituted at the top of the sixth inning. The Pirates won the game 10-6.

It was his first spring-training appearance in about four years since his Major League Baseball debut in 2015.

Kang seemed to make a great debut season, hitting 15 homers in 126 games. But he struggled later that year after suffering an injury in a game against the Chicago Cubs.

To make things worse, Kang had to miss nearly two seasons as his visa was rejected following a suspended jail sentence for drunk driving in Korea in December 2016. After many ups and downs, he finally got his visa last year, although he had to be content with playing in the minor league. Kang then signed a one-year deal with the Pirates in September last year.

"I worked hard while preparing this season during the winter. I'm happy to be playing again with the Pirates," he said.

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