Kangnam and Kim Soo Ro Pull a Prank on San E on "Going to School"

Sensitive Artist, May 13, 2015, 10:48 a.m.

Korean variety shows and their hidden camera pranks are always fun! During the latest episode for JTBC's "Going to School", Kangnam and Kim Soo Ro decided to play a prank on their newest member San E by pretending to fight. San E as expected completely takes the bait and falls for it easily.

Kim Soo Ro tries to prank Kangnam first by asking where his "disappeared" milk went. Kim Bum Soo wasn't very good at playing along and Kangnam quickly found out that it was all a fake. Kim Soo Ro then went after his next target, San E. Kim Soo Ro and Kangnam begin to argue with each other, and when Kangnam pretends to pack his things threatening to leave which made San E break out his English saying, "Yo, man. What are you doing, man?"

Kim Soo Ro then tries to get back at Kangnam saying, "I'm going to shave your head." Kangnam says, "Cut it then. Should I get you scissors?" San E plays the mediator and tells Kangnam that it's wrong to continue arguing back and forth even if Kim Soo Ro was at fault.

San E then tells Kangnam in English, "You know that it's different here in Korea right? You have to respect elders. You know that, right? Just spend the night ,and it'll all be good." As San E tells him this, Kangnam leans forward in order to hide his laughter. Later on Kangnam says, "I'm sincerely sorry on the inside. San E is a really innocent hyung. I'm going to prank him again."

You heard it here at Koogle.tv!

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