KARA Releases Video Teaser for ‘Mamma Mia

kpopluv, Aug. 14, 2014, 11:25 a.m.

KARA has released their music video teaser for their impending comeback for ‘Mamma Mia’.  is a South Korean pop girl group formed by DSP Media in 2007. The group is composed of Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara, and Heo Youngji. The group's name comes from the Greek word "chara" which they interpreted to mean "sweet melody"

In 2014, Nicole Jung and Kang Jiyoung decided not to renew their contracts with DSP Media thus leaving the group to pursue their own endeavours with Nicole leaving for the United States to prepare for a solo debut and Jiyoung to further her studies overseas. Following their departures, a reality show titled Kara Project was aired on TV to select members to join the group. Seven trainees from DSP Media (including former members of DSP's group Puretty) took part in the program. The winner of the competition was Heo Youngji who became the latest member to join the group.

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