KARA Reveals Teaser Pictures of Group Leader Gyuri

Inquisitive Bro-migo, July 28, 2014, 10:33 a.m.

The group leader of KARA, Gyuri, is next in line to release her set of teaser pictures as a forewarning for KARA's inevitable comeback!

Just like Youngji, she radiates an energy of purity and sweetness in her pictures, and almost looks fictional. Her all-white outfit and the lighting surrounding her really creates an aura of innocence, but she still manges to up the sex appeal with her nonchalant stare with her see through skirt and crop top.

Be sure to stick around for more teasers from their upcoming mini-album, "Day & Night"!  Be sure to stay tuned at Koogle.tv for more news and updates on all of your favorite celebrities!

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