Kara’s Nicole Prepares for her Departure

D-Bo, Jan. 13, 2014, 11:42 a.m.

After many months of speculation and rumors, Kara’s Nicole will be leaving DSP Media as her contract expires on January 16.  According to a representative by DSP Media, Nicole will officially wrap up KARA promotions in February and then head to the United States to study abroad. 

A Japanese media outlet, Tokyo Sports, reported that Nicole has disappeared from the 5 Kara member pictures on the Android Smart Phone App, Love Music.  The image was later corrected citing an accident, however many believe that it was in preparation for Nicole’s departure from the group. 

DSP Media also left a statement on KARA's official home page, "DSP Media's contract with Nicole, who had been a member of KARA for the last 7 years, will expire on January 16, 2014 . . . Her promotions with KARA will unfortunately come to an end, but we ask that you join us in supporting Nicole as she prepares for a new beginning."

In relation to KARA's future activities, the agency wrote, "This year, KARA are preparing for various activities, such as individual acting and an album release . . . We ask for the same amount of support and love in the future for the KARA members who wish to appear before their fans with an even newer image."

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