KARD hold debut showcase and reveal their fandom name

Michelle Jung, July 19, 2017, 4:23 p.m.

After the release of “Hola Hola”, coed group KARD held a debut showcase as they greeted fans via ‘Kard ‘HOLA HOLA’ DEBUT SHOWCASE’ through Naver ‘V’ Live on July 19.

They opened the stage up with “I Can’t Stop” and played “Hola Hola” as each member took time to interact with fans with a Q&A session. When they were asked to describe the group in one word, all the members except Jiwoo wrote down the word ‘swag’. KARD also named “Hola Hola”, “Living Good”, and “Don’t Recall” as their favorite tracks. When asked regarding what their initial goals were for this year, they all responded with ‘winning the new artist award.’

They also revealed their official fandom name to be ‘Hidden Kard’ for their beloved fan base.

B.M explained, “We all represent either a King, Ace, Black Joker and Color Joker, leaving with the letter D. Without the letter D, KARD cannot be complete. If it wasn’t for our fans out there, we probably wouldn’t even exist. So that’s why we decided on that.”

Afterward, KARD performed other songs such as “Oh NaNa”, “Side to Side” and “Monster” as they lit up the stage. 

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