Katy Perry Wows Fans in Seoul with 1st Korean Concert

Ben Cho, April 9, 2018, 8:42 a.m.

American pop star Katy Perry proved why she is regarded as one of the best performers in her first concert in Korea on Friday. The heavy loads of stage equipment she brought with her did not disappoint the crowd. Covered with a thick fog along with a giant eye-shaped screen that symbolized her fourth album "Witness," Perry burst onto the stage draped in red fabric and a traditional Korean toque, called jokduri, on her head, shouting, "Seoul!"

The headpiece was presented to her as a gift when she met her fans just before the concert. When her fingers pointed to her eyes and back to the crowd, some 15,000 people in the audience welcomed the star with a huge cheer.

The five-part concert was full of spectacle, as nearly everyone in the audience sang along with the star. The organizers of the concert needed 35 trucks to deliver all the stage props and equipment, and the sheer scale of the concert was enough to wow the crowd.

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