KBS bans 4minute & San E songs & more for inappropriate content

Richard Parker, April 25, 2014, 11:07 a.m.

KBS has been blocking and banning inappropriate material recently and San E, 4minute and more have been added to the block list for inappropriate songs.  Recent banning of San E’s song might not be a surprise to most with his recent racy photo and song lyrics such as, "sh*t, do it again and again and again, from on top, from the bottom, from the back, from the front in various ways, unbutton and bare your breasts, ride on top of me, position yourself up and down," and more.

4minute lyrics for ‘Come In’ were also deemed inappropriate with suggestions like, "Don't hesitate and come deeply inside. Hug me baby. Touch me... Ah, I'm comin' I, I, I'm comin' boy."

Other idols and lyrics have been under the sharp eye of KBS such as Kang Min Hee and Kanto’s ‘Call Me Noona’ & Sung Young Yi’s ‘Tray of Eggs’ and Phantom’s ‘Let’s Quit’ used lyrics such as facebook and Insta to refer to photo sharing on social networking sites. 

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