KBS bans songs for 'inappropriate' lyrics

Hannah Kim, July 28, 2016, 9:57 a.m.

Public network TV KBS announced Wednesday a list of songs banned from airing as their lyrics were deemed inappropriate by the TV channel. This includes HyunA’s “Do It,” which is the third track of her upcoming album “A’wesome.” It was banned due to the “provocative” phrase “I’m a bitch.”

Also on the list was “Sweet Sexy Fei” from the solo EP of Fei from K-pop group Miss A. It cannot be aired on KBS as the song mentions in its lyrics the designer brand Coco Chanel. Similarly, Rapper Beenzino’s song “January” mentioned social media company Facebook, which led to it being banned for “inappropriately endorsing a company.” 

Meanwhile, rapper Heize’s “No Way” and “Underwater” are also not allowed on KBS as they have obscenities in their lyrics. 

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