KBS deems Gary, Jang Jae In, and Killagramz' new songs as unfit for broadcast

Jessica Lee, Oct. 18, 2017, 10:01 a.m.

KBS has banned Gary's, Jang Jae In's, and Killagramz' new tracks. KBS is well-known for banning songs for reasons that no one really understands. Also, there aren't even plans for the songs to be performed on any music shows broadcast by KBS.

Gary's surprise track "Concert", which is the first song he's released since he got married back in April, has been banned because of the lyrics referencing to Instagram. 

Jang Jae In's song "Velvet" is banned because of references to obscene, sexual acts. Killagramz' "Coloring" featuring Hash Swan has also been banned because of curse words along with vulgar and coarse language. 

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