KBS New Audition Program to Feature 500 Idols in a Quest to Comeback to the Limelight

Hyo Kyung Kim, July 4, 2017, 11:49 a.m.

Broadcaster KBS is launching a new survival program focused on idols who have previously debuted and looking for another chance at stardom. The show format will have 250 male idols and 250 female idols with 9 of each left in the end. The budget for the show exceeds $6 million. 

The show has just announced the producers for the show. CP Han Kyung Chun of 'Music Bank' will be the main producer, and will be backed by 'Happy Together 3', 'Win Win', and 'Gag Concert's PD Park Ji Young, 'Human Condition's PD Won Seung Yeon, and 'Song Fight's PD Son Soo Hee.  

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