Kenn and Leo from VIXX pose for musical magazine!

Michelle Kim, July 25, 2017, 9:56 a.m.

In the musical magazine, "Scene Playbill", Kenn and Leo from the boy band VIXX pose for their roles in the musical industry. As the musical, "Hamlet" came to an end, Kenn who plays Hamlet shares his insights on his role in the musical industry.  On the otherhand, Leo's interview talks about his upcoming role in "Mata Hari" for the second time. Leo explains that entered the world of the musical industry, it taught him to express his emotions more clearly as well as broadening his thoughts and imaginations. 

Kenn also shared that being in an idol as well as a musical actor drains his energy mentally and phsyically. However, because he loves being an idol and a musical actor, this is the challenge that he is willling to take!

 VIXX recently ended their tour in Japan, as they will soon meet fans in Southeast Asia. 

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