Key shares image with all SHINee members

Yumi Kim , Jan. 16, 2018, 10:13 a.m.

SHINee’s Key shared a beautiful memory. The idol posted a photo with all five SHINee members on his Instagram.He wrote a caption that read, "Hello. This is SHINee's Key. It's been a while. I've been thinking a lot lately. Our tour is coming up, and I think before that, I will be meeting you through BoA sunbae's reality that was mostly filmed beforehand. It's late, but I wanted to say this myself. It might be too early, but we want to gather ourselves and go back to our normal lives. We want to stand up again, and of course, we can't say that the incident with Jonghyun-hyung is something that broke us down. This is because that would make hyung, our families, and many others worried, and I know that even though it's sad that we can't see him right now, if we turn the corner, he will be waiting for us. I want to be stronger than ever, and rather than filling his empty space, I want to feel him as we promote. I will dare to request that wherever you meet us, you treat us the same as always, and show us love. If you send us simple support so we can have strength, we will not disappoint you. Thank you."

안녕하세요 샤이니 키 입니다. 오랜만에 인사 드립니다. 요즘 많은 생각으로 시간을 보내고 있는데요 투어를 앞두고 우선 대부분 사전 촬영을 해두었던 보아 선배와의 리얼리티로 인사를 드릴거 같아서 좀 늦었지만 제 입으로 얘기 하고 싶었습니다. 빠르다면 너무 빠른 시간이지만 잘 추스리고 얼른 일상으로 돌아가려고 합니다 . 저희 멤버들도 다시 일어나려고 하고 있고 물론 종현이 형의 일이 저희가 무너지게 된 계기라고 볼 순 없습니다. 그건 형 자신은 물론 가족들을 포함한 많은 분들께 걱정을 끼쳐드리는 일이고 ,지금 당장 볼 수 없어 슬프지만 길모퉁이 돌아서면 형이 저를 기다리고 있다는 것을 저는 너무 잘 알고있기 때문입니다. 어느 때 보다 힘내고 ,형의 빈자리를 채우기 보다는 형을 항상 느끼면서 활동하고 싶습니다. 감히 드리는 저의 부탁이지만 언제 어디서 어떤 모습으로 저희를 만나게 되어도 항상 평소 처럼 대해주시고 사랑해주시면 너무 감사하겠습니다. 저희 멤버들 더 힘낼수 있게 담백한 응원의 마음 보내주시면 실망시켜드리지 않겠습니다. 감사합니다. KEY

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It hasn’t been long since SHINee member Jonghyun’s passing and it took a toll on everyone with the heartbreaking news. This was the first time Key posted on his social media after writing a letter to Jonghyun.

We wish the SHINee boys the best! 

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