Ki Hong Lee’s features in ‘Special Citizen’ and releases a special behind the scene clips

Michelle Jung, April 12, 2017, 10:19 a.m.

‘Special Citizen’ unveils a behind the scenes clip to tease before the official release.

‘Special Citizen’ is a film starring veteran actor Choi Min Sik, Ra Mi Ran, and Ki Hong Lee to show the competitive involved in an election. Also, it is Ki Hong Lee’s first Korean film. The actor, who is known for his role in ‘Maze Runner’, is playing Ra Mi Ran’s son in ‘Special Citizen’.

In June of 2016, Ki Hong Lee and Ra Mi Ran were captured in filming. The behind the scenes clip reveals more of the movie making process.

In an interview Ki Hong Lee talked about his Korea film debut and commented, “One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to participate in ‘Special Citizen’ is because I’m able to work with veteran actor Choi Min Sik. I also want to learn a lot from Ra Mi Ran and other vetran actors. Ra Mi Ran sunbaenim who played the role Yang Jin Joo was incredibly passionate about the production. I was able to receive advice and learn a lot from her.”

‘Special Citizen’ will be in theaters on April 26. 

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