[KICKSTARTER] Why You Need to Support 'April's Way' - a 1992 L.A. Riots Film

Katherine Chu, Oct. 23, 2015, 2:22 p.m.

The six-day long 1992 L.A. Riots, also known as the Rodney King riots or the South Central riots, was a chaotic series of lootings, riots, arsons, and overall the worst case of civil disturbances that had occurred in the U.S. since the Detroit Riot of 1967 - a brutal and violent part of Los Angeles history.

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The '92 L.A. riots started on April 29th in South Central Los Angeles following the acquittal of four officers who were tried by a jury for the use of excessive force on an African American man named Rodney King. After filmed footage of the police brutality against King became widely spread, already-present racial tensions were further agitated, ultimately igniting the rebellion. Amidst the many lives that were destroyed by the violent acts were the numerous Korean business owners, whose livelihoods were literally burned to the ground.

The Rodney King riots are still remembered to this day, but the voice of Korean Americans who suffered due to these senseless acts of violence are still unheard, and rather, they're villainized due to the infamous news-broadcasted acts of defense they took against rioters.

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However, all of that is about to change, as film maker Robert Nyerges, who's worked with famed directors such as Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg, has decided to help illustrate the story through the eyes of a Korean-American who witnessed the horrific occurrences of April 1992. Embarking on a theatrical journey he calls 'April's Way', symbolizing the month the L.A. riots occurred, Nyerges urges attention to the various social injustices manifested in the historic riots.

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Nyerges has launched a Kickstarter project for his film, and he needs your support, whether it's through financial means or just by sharing this project with everyone you know! 'April's Way' stars Tom Choi (of 'Teen Wolf' fame), Laila Odom (from 'Into the Woods'), Alexandra Choi (who made her debut in 'Rush Hour 3'), Michael Felix (producer of 'Punk'd' and co-producer of 'Jersey Shore'), Esquire Duke (who last seen in the short 'Forever Hollywood'), and child actresses Somali Rose and Michelle Mendoza.

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According to the movie's Kickstarter page, the synopsis of 'April's Way' states:

"Based on a true story. When faced with rampant looting, a Korean-American store owner struggles between protecting his wife and young daughter or taking a stand against rioters who threaten his business and livelihood. April’s Way follows Sung-Min as he navigates racial and moral boundaries, ultimately uncovering the humanity within us all. Taking its name from the brutal month of April in 1992, April’s Way offers a glimpse into the often-overlooked hardships that many Korean-American merchants suffered during the civil unrest."

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Although supporters can back the film by sharing and promoting it with others, those of us who are able can also make monetary pledges to help fund the production! Special benefits are offered to backers who pledge $20 or more, with more specific and exclusive benefits designated to each tier, from an early release film screener (pledge $20+), social injustic awareness bands ($25+), personalized copies of 'Directing Actors' book ($50+), all the way to a producer credit for pledges of $2,500+ and an executive producer credit and "Presented By" status for pledgers of $10,000. Hurry, though! There's a little less than a month left for the campaign to reach its goal, plus benefits for some of the tiers are limited!

Nyerges' honest and valuable production is one that our community needs band together to support. As fellow Los Angelians, we know the beauty of our city, but are also aware of the ugliness that creeps in the nooks and crannies of our history as well. As violence and injustice continues to repeat itself throughout the present, it's time that we put a voice to these injustices and the discrimination that have remained silent for far too long.

Fore more information on the film and to support the project, you can visit his Kickstarter page HERE. You can also stay updated with the film and the film-maker via 'April's Way's official Facebook page (/aprilswayfilm) and Twitter (@aprilswayfilm)!

Make sure to catch the trailer below!

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