Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Seo are confirmed to be dating!

Jun Ko, March 29, 2018, 9:16 a.m.

It was recently announced by both of their companies that Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Seo are currently in a relationship. Both companies confirmed their relationship shortly after the news report of the two being seen out on a date was released. Oh Yeon Seo's label Cell Trion Entertainment confirmed their relationship on March 29th: "It's true that Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Bum are dating. They got to know each other through gatherings with various acquaintances. Oh Yeon Seo began her relationship with Kim Bum shortly after the end of her drama 'Hwayugi' earlier this month."

Kim Bum's label Starship Entertainment echoed Cell Trion Entertainment's confirmation of the two's relationship, adding on that the two's relationship is still new and in its beginning stages. 

Congratulations to the new couple! 


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