Kim Do Wan is the cool guy next door in 'International bnt' magazine!

Kevin Cho , Nov. 25, 2019, 5:01 p.m.

Kim Do Wan displayed his 'cool guy' aura with Dr. Marten boots and a bright colorful hoodie. The actor held an interview after the photoshoot where he spoke about his latest work, JTBC drama "Moments of 18". During the interview, Kim Do Wan named Cho Seung Woo as the actor he wishes to work with one day. As he explained, “Cho Seung Woo is my role model, so I hope the day comes when I get to act alongside him. I’ve watched so many of his movies growing up and his acting left me feeling shaken.”

Additionally, Kim Do Wan spoke about future goals. He said he wants to, “Stay healthy, keep taking on new challenges, not be afraid to fail, and keep moving forward." 

Check out the photos below!~ 

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