Kim Go Eun’s Pre-Debut Pictures Shows Her Timeless Looks

David Song, Jan. 24, 2017, 10:05 a.m.

tvN drama Goblin was such a huge hit amongst viewers that the actors of the drama are getting much more attention and buzz lately. This large increase in interest managed to salvage some older pictures of actress Kim Go Eun, and netizens are shocked by her beauty. It’s stated that the pictures from Kim Go Eun’s pre-debut days were for an online shopping site previously.


The pictures are from a few years ago, but netizens are loving her genuine smile and overall look, stating that her natural smile and glee truly is what makes her so special. The actress seems to have all of the ‘Goblin’ viewers smitten, and we’re excited to see her in some new upcoming projects soon. Check out the photos below!

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