Kim Hyun Joong Gave $547,000 Settlement Last Year

D-Bo, May 11, 2015, 1:17 p.m.

The Kim Hyun Joong story continues as the latest revelation in this peculiar case continues.  According to his attorney, the K-pop star gave a settlement of about $547,000 (600 million won) after an alleged miscarriage to his pregnant former girlfriend, only identified as Choi, last year.

Kim’s attorney told Star News Monday that Choi received the settlement after telling Kim she miscarried after being physically assaulted by him.  Choi, who is currently pregnant with Kim’s child, filed a lawsuit in the sum of $1.48 million against the star in April citing mental damages from their relations.

She accused Kim of physical assault — three instances in which she had to be treated for a broken rib and bruising — last year, but dropped charges in September. According to local media, sources say there is no evidence of Choi’s miscarriage aside from text messages.

News of Choi’s miscarriage last year broke in a KBS morning news program Monday. Last year in September, Kim wrote a message on his official website after Choi dropped charges against him.

“I’m really sorry to have inflicted mental and physical pain on a person with whom I shared love and trust for two years,” Kim wrote. “I’m embarrassed of myself for behaving in a way a man should not have behaved.”

Kim was fined about $4,550 in January by prosecutors for those charges in a summary indictment. Kim is expected to enlist in his 21-month mandatory military service, after two delays, Tuesday.

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