Kim Hyun Joong's Assault Case Will Be Dropped

Sensitive Artist, Sept. 17, 2014, 10:55 a.m.

The assault case that was filed against Kim Hyun Joong will be closed, it has been reported.  It has been announced that the star's ex-girlfriend has filed for a withdrawal of the lawsuit on September 17th.

Apparently the ex-girlfriend wished to withdraw the lawsuit against the star after a few days of consideration. A representative from the Seoul Songpa Police Station reported, "We received the application for withdrawal of the case against Kim Hyun Joong at 12:30PM." Kim Hyun Joong's agency also confirmed the news from their end as well.

The ex-girlfriend's lawyer stated that there was no exchange, monetary or otherwise invoved in order to expedite the cancellation of the case, but instead Kim Hyun Joong met with the ex-girlfriend to apologize to her personally. The lawyer went on to say, "The plaintiff voiced her opinion that she didn't want him to be penalized, so the lawsuit was withdrawn. Kim Hyun Joong personally met with the victim and gave her a sincere apology. After a few days of contemplation, she decided to withdraw the case with no conditions and no settlement."

Kim Hyun Joong is now in the clear as far as the law is concerned, but many are speculating that his career will definitely be suffering in the wake of the lawsuit. You heard it here at!

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