Kim Ji Won and Jung Woo Sung Visit Space in CF for ‘Starfield’

Nicholas Kim, Sept. 8, 2016, 10:45 a.m.

Kim Ji Won and Jung Woo Sung were featured in the latest CF for ‘Starfield’, showing off their brand new shopping theme park! The two actors play a couple in the commercial film, where they travel out to space to check out a brand new dating spot. Kim Ji Won seems unhappy with the locales however, and ends up taking her to the ‘Starfield’ shopping theme park in order to correct the issues.


The commercial film shows some very cool CGI effects, and some top notch costumes. The CF hilariously shows some high tech gadgetry with which the two actors are unhappy with their date location, and they both end up simply going shopping in some very stylish outfits. Check it out below!

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