Kim Ji Won and Yoo Yeon Seok Are Reportedly Dating and Agency Reacts

Nicholas Kim, April 4, 2016, 10:01 a.m.

It seems that the rumors stating that actors Yoo Yeon Seok and Kim Ji Won dating just won’t end! Sports Chosun released a report stating that the two actors were dating, saying that the two were on a date on March 29th. Kim Ji Won was seen entering a skewer restaurant in Seoul with her manager at approximately 9 PM KST, and twenty minutes later Yoo Yeon Seok showed up and the two spent quality time together.


Sports Chosun then stated that the two were not bothered about being in the public eye, as they shared food with each other and showed signs of physical affection. The two departed from the restaurant at approximately two and a half hours later, at which point Yoo Yeon Seok was seen driving Kim Ji Won home personally in his car.


The two were rumored to have begun dating back in 2012, after co-starring on the film “Horror Stories”. At the time of the premiere the two denied reports of dating, stating that they shared a platonic and professional relationship. Their agency, King Kong Entertainment, said that they were friends as well, but dating rumors have not ceased.


An inside source told Sports Chosun that the relationship between the two was common knowledge amongst those in the entertainment industry. Parents of both parties have already given permission for the two to date even with their age gap of eight years. It seems that their friends and family are excited to see the two hopefully step it up to the next level and become married to each other.


Unfortunately, Sports Chosun did not have any photos of the two on their alleged date, and the actors’ agency King Kong Entertainment stepped forward to stated that the two were simply friends, and that their respective managers were also in attendance at the dinner.

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