Kim Jong Kook criticized for comments saying men don’t like tall women

Tina Yoon , May 1, 2017, 4:09 p.m.

Kim Jong Kook made comments against tall women on the April 30 broadcast of SBS’s ‘Running Man’. The episode was centered around the cast traveling to Jeju Island, Osaka, and Taipei on a global project. He was in the car with special guest Hyorin from SISTAR when the two started discussing his ideal woman.

After Hyorin commented on her short stature, Kim Jong Kook went onto say that men don’t like tall women. He shared that he couldn’t date a tall woman because he wouldn’t be able to view her as a woman. He told Hyorin that he preferred short woman such as her.

Netizens were offended by Kim Jong Kook’s statements, accusing him of being sexist and discriminating against tall women.

Other netizens defended him by asking why he can’t express his personal opinions. They stated that his preferences are nothing to get angry over and that it is a shame. They sympathized with him saying it must be hard to put up with people getting offended by something so trivial. 

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