Kim Jong Kook shares his thoughts on relationships and marriage

Jun Ko, March 26, 2018, 9:30 a.m.

The topic of relationships and marriage came up during Kim Jong Kook's episode of 'My Ugly Duckling' on March 25th. The singer was able to open up about his dating tendencies to his manager and his friends at his new place. Kim Jong Kook confessed that he has a tendency to cater to his girlfriend's preferences when it comes to food, which was why they tend to gain weight when dating him. When asked about the length of his relationships, he responded, "Seven years... that was the longest time period. The next longest is six years. They are all for long periods of time." He also confessed that he broke up with them due to his selfishness: "I wanted to be prepared enough to get married, so I let them wait for too long." 

Upon hearing Kim Jong Kook's thoughts about relationship, his mother relay her thoughts on how she should have cared more for him with how this was the first time she had heard him talking about these issues. 

Check out the clip below! 

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