Kim Jong Un’s Luxury Villa Collapses

D-Bo, April 4, 2014, 10:33 a.m.

According to satellite imagery, it appears that the roof of a luxury villa in Wonsan belonging to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has collapsed.  The collapse seems to be a result of faulty construction.  The luxury villa appears to be an aquarium that was built in 2011. 

A comparison of a photo of the villa taken by South Korea's Arirang 3 satellite and an earlier image of the area on Google Earth shows a building in the compound with a collapsed roof.

Kim Jong Un had the aquarium built with materials imported from Italy and Germany and filled with US$3.3 million worth of marine life, including dolphins brought in from China.

According to North Korean defectors, military engineers are responsible for building Kim's villas. Experts say that Kim has engaged in massive construction drive since coming to power, and the push for speed is leading to faulty construction.

One source said, "Once Kim Jong-un sets a completion date, there is no arguing. This frantic push to meet deadlines is everywhere causing problems with quality."

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