Kim Jong Un’s Sister Rumored to Have Married Senior North Korean Official

kpopluv, Oct. 29, 2014, 9:16 a.m.

The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been rumored to have married a senior official.  Radio Free Asia on Tuesday cited an ethnic Korean in China who visited North Korea on Sept. 10 as saying he heard from a high-ranking official in a trading company that Kim Yeo-jong is married.

The source added that the official told him that Kim Yeo-jong's husband works for the Workers Party's Room 39, which manages Kim Jong-un's slush funds, but he was not able to get detailed information about him and when they got married. 

Ahn Chan-il at the World Institute for North Korea Studies also heard through a different route that Kim Yeo-jong got married. 

He said that North Korea's ruling elite has a custom of holding weddings on national holidays and Kim Yeo-jong probably tied the knot on Sept. 9, North Korea's founding day, or Oct. 10, the anniversary of the Workers Party. 

Kim Yeo-jong was appointed to a key party position and the official [North] Korean Central News Agency recently named her ahead of Ri Jae-il, a senior party official in charge of propaganda. Previously she was listed after him. This led to speculation that she had been appointed to a very powerful position. 

There are also rumors that Kim Yeo-jong married a member of her brother's security detail.  The National Intelligence Service said during a National Assembly audit on Tuesday that it had received unverified intelligence about her marriage.

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