Kim Joo Hyuk Announces He Is Leaving Drama “1 Night 2 Days” Season 3

Guster Moon, Nov. 23, 2015, 11:29 a.m.

Kim Joo Hyuk’s label has just stated that the actor will not be continuing to appear on the show any longer due to schedule conflicts from signing on to work on multiple films and projects. The official statement read, "Actor Kim Joo Hyuk will be leaving '1 Night 2 Days Season 3' after his recording on November 20th and 21st. Recently, he has joined various movies and dramas, and it's hard for him to adjust his schedule, so he has decided to leave. Please show a lot of love to the actor Kim Joo Hyuk as well as '1 Night 2 Days'. Thank you."


The actor then stepped forward in order to give a much more personal speech and said, "I remember when I started '1 Night 2 Days' about two years ago. I was really nervous and worried. But I met 5 dongsaengs who only knew compassion and were incredibly kind, and I was able to have fun for 2 years. I thank the members and the staff for making me into someone who can laugh without any worries through '1 Night 2 Days'. I was awed that I could make others laugh, and that made me happy. I will give back to that love through acting. Please show a lot of love to the members and '1 Night 2 Days."


Kim Joo-hyuk (born October 3, 1972) is a South Korean actor. His father is veteran actor Kim Mu-saeng. They have both played real-life court physician Heo Jun.Kim began dating actress Kim Ji-soo in 2003; they played husband and wife in the 2002 TV series Like a Flowing River. Their six-year relationship ended in 2009. Kim also dated God of War costar Kim Gyu-ri from 2012 to 2013.
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