Kim Joo Na opens up about ‘Produce 101’ and her solo debut!

June Kang, Sept. 26, 2016, 10:12 a.m.

Singer Kim Joo Na is featured in the latest issue of ‘International bnt’ where she opens up about her days on ‘Produce 101’ and her recent solo debut! In an accompanying interview with the magazine, Kim Joo Na shares her honest thoughts on the survival program and her first ever showcase.

Regarding her solo debut showcase, the singer relayed, “It was a precious and meaningful stage for me. When I was on stage, I was anxious about what the public would think of my song. Although I was really nervous, I think I was able to complete the showcase well, so I feel relieved.”

When discussing her time on ‘Produce 101’, Kim Joo Na is asked to select who the best trainees were from the show, to which she revealed, “Choi Yoo Jung and Kim Chung Ha [were the best]. Yoo Jung is really good at acting on stage, which is hard to do at her young age. On stage, she possesses three crucial skills – acting, singing, and dancing, which proves her professionalism. Chung Ha is not only a great vocalist, but she’s also an amazing dancer. I think she also has good facial expressions. I feel like I tend to eye people who are good at things that I lack.”

Make sure to catch Kim Joo Na in the October issue of ‘International bnt’!

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