Kim Na Young is a modern mommy for ‘Marie Claire’!

Kyongeun Park, Aug. 25, 2016, 9:27 a.m.

Comedienne Kim Na Young is featured in the September issue of ‘Marie Claire’ where she showcases a very different side to her normally funny self, crediting her brand new vibe to her newborn son! The modern mommy is all smiles in the adorable spread, showing off the bright maternal glow.

In an accompanying interview with ‘Marie Claire’, Kim Na Young discussed what changed the most after experiencing motherhood, stating, “The way I view the world has changed. If you look at the world from a mother’s perspective, then there’s nothing that you can’t really understand or become very upset about.”

The happy mother-of-one further commented, “The time I spend with my baby is so blissful. I want to enjoy this moment for a little longer before returning to work.”

Aww, congratulations again to the new mommy!
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