Kim Se Jung and Jeon So Mi talk about their friendship and tendency to touch each other

Tom Park, March 23, 2017, 3:44 p.m.

Former IOI members Kim Se Jung and Jeon So Mi guested on the March 23rd airing of 'Happy Together 3'!

In the episode, the MC's asked the girls if they felt competitive with each other during  "Produce 101'.

In response, Kim Se Jung said, "So Mi was the very first person I talked to. If you paid attention you'd notice that my face popped up beside hers whenever she was on the monitor. I didn't want us to get awkward but during promotions I realized that she and I can get pretty crazy together."

So Mi added, "When we were promoting together as IOI, she kept touching me. She would say "Hey" and poke me. She's like an ahjussi." To this, Se Jung said "I love touching her because she has a nice body."

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