Kim So Eun’s Side Responds to Dating Rumors

D-Bo , Feb. 9, 2015, 8:35 p.m.

The internet has been in frenzy since news broke of the rumored relationship between We Got Married star Kim So Eun and Son Ho Joon.  This has gotten netizens flooding the internet to demand her removal from variety show 'We Got Married' in which she is currently coupled up with Song Jae Rim.  

The forum for viewers of 'We Got Married' was reported to be flooding with requests for Kim So Eun's departure from the show on the basis that no matter the fictional nature of their marriage, it was "inappropriate" for a participant to be involved in a dating scandal. 

In response to this hot interest, Kim So Eun's side said, "We were already aware of the duty and responsibility we must hold while appearing in 'We Got Married,' so it seems that by being extra careful when meeting [Son Ho Joon], she actually ended up creating cause for misunderstanding." 

The production team for 'We Got Married' said, "We've confirmed that Kim So Eun and Son Ho Joon are not dating.  She will not be leaving the show."


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