Kim So Hyun Opens Up About Her Past Dating Experiences

Mia Lee, May 19, 2017, 10:11 a.m.

Actress Kim So Hyun opens up about her past dating experiences during her photoshoot with ‘High Cut.’ The 17 year old actress plays a lead role in the MBC drama ‘Monarch Owner of the Mask,’ telling the interviewer about her chemistry with Yoo Seung Ho. She explained, “Working with Seung Ho Oppa is easy. We joke around and speak honestly with one another. He feels like a friend my age.”

Kim So Hyun also talked about making friends in her work space. She said, “I’m a private person. These days I’m better about opening up to others. It used to be hard for me to get close to oppas. I was okay with unnies and male dongsengs but oppas were always mysterious to me. I thought it wasn’t very mannerly if I was awkward during a shoot, so for some time, I’ve been trying to become friendlier.”

Actress Kim So Hyun has previously stated that she had zero dating experience. She explained, “I have trouble on set where I have to open up my feelings to a significant other. To be honest, I have never dated before so I can’t understand those things fully. I ask others for their experiences, but for now I’m using my head.”

Check out the photos from the pictorial below. 

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