Kim So Hyun Talks About his 19 Year Age Gap with "Reset" Co-Star Chun Jung Myung

Sensitive Artist, Aug. 21, 2014, 10:33 a.m.

Child actress, Kim So Hyun (age 15) talked about working next to Chun Jung Myung (turning 34) and how the 19 year age gap was like for the OCN thriller drama, "Reset" during a press conference held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyundong on August 20th.

The question she was asked was, "You have a nineteen year age difference with your partner, actor Chun Jung Myung.  How was it working together?"

Netizens responded to the question in shock, making comments such as "Kim So Hyun and Chun Jung Myun are nineteen years apart in age?  But they look good together," "I look forward to Kim So Hyun and Chun Jung Myung's chemistry," "It doesn't seem like nineteen years," and, "I don't know why, but they somehow suit each other."

Kim So Hyun replied, "I was surprised to find out he was nineteen years older.  I do not feel that at all.  I look mature for my age and Chun Jung Myung has a baby face, so I don't think people will sense a separation when they view us."

What do you think about the two being partners in a drama together even with the massive age difference?

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