Kim Tae Hee Addresses Rumors of Marriage with Rain

Sensitive Artist, July 30, 2015, 11:27 a.m.

During the press conference for SBS drama "Yong Pal" on July 30th, actress Kim Tae Hee personally addressed the constant circulation of marriage rumors in regards to her and her significant other, Rain! It's been three years since the two started dating, and she said, "If I were to tell the truth, of course we talked to each other about [marriage] while dating, but we've never made concrete plans or taken any form of action.  I, like everyone else, don't know at all whom or how I would marry.  

"I don't have any plans, but [the media] keeps making plans [for me], so I feel a bit burdened.  Please understand that I'm not in the situation to explain multiple times that each and every thing [regarding the topic] is not true or to take action."

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