Kim Tae Woo Shows Off Dieting Before and After Pictures

Nicholas Kim, Dec. 21, 2015, 9:59 a.m.

Kim Tae Woo has been shedding the pounds off quickly, and he has shocked viewers and fans alike with his massive weight loss. He began his diet regiment at 113 kg (249 lbs), and then dropped 23 kg to 90 kg (approx.. 198 lbs). In the middle of the g.o.d concert he commented, "I successfully lost weight through systematic management. I'm happy that I'm able to weigh myself confidently in front of fans. Now that I've lost weight, I think I can sing better because I can take deeper breaths. I'm happy to let fans hear better music after my weight loss."

It also looks like the weight loss will be here to stay, and the photos tell a completely different story! Kim Tae Woo has commented that his wife will be continuing to help manage his weight so that they can take beautiful photos together. Kim Tae-woo (born May 12, 1981) is a K-pop singer, originally the lead singer of popular boy band g.o.d.

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