Kim Tae Woo Shows Off His Style and Skill on “Immortal Song”

Guster Moon, Oct. 12, 2015, 10:57 a.m.

Kim Tae Woo gave an unforgettable performance for the October 10thbroadcast of “Immortal Song”. Kim Tae Woo’s vocal talents are very well known, and his unique style and flavor made a definite impression just like it always has. He performed a cover for Park Kang Sung’s “You Outside the Window”, and the studio praised his talents.


Jung Jae Hyung stated, "Kim Tae Woo's the only person who's capable of a song and performance like this." Even though Kim Tae Woo had won a few rounds, he did not take home the final win. What did you think of his performance?
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