Kim Tae Woo To Take Legal Action Against Netizens Who Spread False Rumors

Kyung Ho Kim, March 9, 2016, 8:38 a.m.

Singer Kim Tae Woo will be taking legal action against those who spread false rumors. His agency Soul Shop Entertainment stated on March 9 that after gathering evidence of malicious rumors being spread about Kim Tae Woo's family, an official complaint was filed in July of 2015. The label also expressed his intent to go into a second and third round of lawsuits and that he's also filed a request to investigate the netizen who first started the rumors.

Kim Tae Woo is a K-pop singer, originally the lead singer of popular boy band g.o.d. Kim was born in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province, the third in a family of one son and two daughters. He attended Kyunghee University in the Post Modern Music Department.

The rumors in question allege that Kim Tae Woo's wife Kim Ae Ri pressed for the marriage with a fake pregnancy. More rumors state that she borrowed an expensive foreign car from friends before marriage, while others questioned her education history. 

However, Soul Shop Entertainment has stated that the rumors are false. The car mentioned was owned by Kim Ae Ri's parents, and she did in fact graduate Stony Brook University before moving onto Ewha Women's University and Seoul University. There have also been claims that Kim Ae Ri was abusive towards former agency artist Megan Lee.

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