Kim Won Joon Announces Engagement

Hyo Jin Lee, March 8, 2016, 9:08 a.m.

Kim Won Joon has announced his engagement! His wife to be is a 29 year old public prosecutor. She is 14 years younger than the talent.  It is heard that a friend introduced the two to each other. Kim Won Joon announced,"I appreciate all of my fans who have given me love and support. I will show a happy life in marriage in return."

Kim Won Joon also known as Dearro, is a South Korean pop singer and actor. After graduating from the film department of Seoul Institute of the Arts, Kim began his career as a K-pop solo artist in 1992, and made his acting debut in 1994. As a solo artist, Kim released nine albums, four digital singles, and one compilation album. He was also a member of the bands V.E.I.L (which released two albums and one EP) and M4 (which released one album and two EPs)

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