Kim Woo Bin’s 'Samsonite Red' Backpacks Break Sales Records!

June Kang, March 4, 2016, 4:25 p.m.

Actor Kim Woo Bin is raking in the cash for ‘Samsonite Red’ as the backpack he modeled is the current “it” item of the brand, bringing in a record number of sales! Kim Woo Bin’s ‘Samonsite Red’ backpack first began gaining traction when the actor modeled it in a CF.

Since then, sales for the backpacks have skyrocketed, with the first 1,500 backpacks of the traditional type ‘Neumont’ sold out in just a month. The second batch of the backpacks, which total in 2,000 pieces, is also looking to be sold out soon.

The casual ‘Vortec’ also sold more than 2,000 just in a month. Not only that, the first shipment of the travel backpack ‘Turris’ is also completely sold out. It’s said that all three types of the backpacks were sold out in record breaking speed!

In comparison to last year’s records, ‘Samsonite Red’ has gained a 20% increase in sales in just two months. These record breaking sales only further proves the actor’s tremendous popularity!

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