KISS&CRY Put on Hold, Group To Disband

high5jive, Sept. 6, 2014, 12:22 p.m.

 Kpop girl group Kiss&Cry released an announcement on their fan café, notifying fans of the groups disband.

"Hello, this is Winning Insight M. We are here to inform the fans of Kiss&Cry.
We are sorry to say to the fans, but the activities of the group have been put on hold momentarily due to various company problems. However, we are not saying the group has been completely disbanded. We can only say for now that there may be a number of changes. First, member issues and circumstances could change, and one of the current member Haena's contract has expired with the agency and she is appearing on 'Superstar K'. Our agency is wishing Haena, who may be embarking on a new path, luck and success, and that she may continue to receive unchanging love from fans. Thank you.

Rumors of their disband first arose when member Haena appeared a contestant on ‘Superstanr K6’ and revealed that due to Kiss&Cry disbanding was the reason of her audition. MC Yoon Jong shing asked her "Was the group disbanded?" 

Haena responded with a nod and expressed her thoughts on the group, “We were a very family-like group. My dream is for us to regroup again someday. Although we didn't become famous and were disbanded, I want to stand on stage and get my name out there and get Kiss&Cry's name out there too."

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