KJ Choi Ranked Amongst 100 Greatest Modern Golfers

D-Bo, Feb. 5, 2014, 10:58 a.m.

On Tuesday, Golf Digest published their list of the 100 greatest modern golf players over the last three decades.  Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, and Phil Mickelson have been named the three best golfers since 1980.  Included in the list, taking 70th place was Korean pro golfer Kyun Ju Choi (KJ Choi). 

Golf Digest analyzed the records of 178 players who had at least three official wins on the PGA Tour since 1980, or two if one was a major. The records spanned over 11,000 rounds in 47,000 events. In order to reflect the periods when the players were at the top of their game, the magazine excluded those years when they struggled to compete due to injuries.

Woods, with 79 career wins on the PGA Tour including 14 majors, was the clear leader with 23.047 points.  Norman was a distant second with 13.893. Only two Asian golfers were named on the list: Choi, and Japan's Shigeki Maruyama in 96th place.

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