Korea E Cigarette Sales Soar as New Year Brings New Tobacco Price Hike

luvsmiling, Dec. 26, 2014, 10:51 a.m.

Sales of e-cigarettes are increasing ahead of a planned hike in tobacco prices next year. Online retailer G Market says sales grew 17 times on-year in the first 22 days of the month.  Sales of smoking cessation aids including anti-smoking accessories and no-smoking stickers also increased.

More people are considering quitting smoking as cigarette prices will rise at least W2,000 per pack and smoking in all restaurants will be banned.   KT&G’s Esse and Raison will be hiked to W4,500 per pack, while Philip Morris’ Marlboro -- No. 2 in the market here -- will rise to W4,700.

Smoking is currently allowed in small restaurants, but the ban will be expanded to all restaurants, including coffee shops, bars and other public facilities. It will include e-cigarettes as well.

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