Korea Evacuates Nationals From Lyiba

luvsmiling, Aug. 11, 2014, 11:57 a.m.

Seoul on Thursday started evacuating 510 Koreans from Libya amid a worsening civil war there.  "Ninety-seven Koreans were evacuated overland and by air on Thursday. By Monday, a total of 350 Koreans will move to nearby countries," a Foreign Ministry official said. 

Some of the others will be evacuated by ship by Aug. 14-15, and the rest will be picked up by a Korean naval destroyer conducting anti-piracy activities in the Gulf of Aden.  Once all Korean civilians are evacuated, the government will also consider pulling out embassy staff.

The government believes that Libya is in a state of total anarchy and banned travel to the North African country last month.  Most of the Koreans staying there are staffers of some 20 Korean building firms carrying out large construction projects.

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